In Switzerland we live nearby Zuerich and not far away from the beautiful lake of Zuerich.

Zurich has a unique position in Switzerland. It is the country’s largest city and home to an internationally reputed financial centre as well as being the focus of an economic region which acts as the motor of Switzerland

A long, long time ago – during and after the Ice Age – Zuerich and its lake were formed between two morains when the glaciers disappeared.

In England we live nearby Pickering, an ancient market town in the district of North Yorkshire.

At the “same time”  as Zuerich was formed by the Ice Age (i.e. hundreds of thousands of years ago – after the great Ice Age of the Pleistocene period) the Vale of Pickering was also formed between morains, banks and barriers as a temporary lake.

In the meantime the Vale of Pickering isn’t a lake anymore but a lovely piece on earth.



Very close to Pickering is „WHITETHORN“ – our English dream, our paradise in North Yorkshire!

It is a typical Yorkshire farmhouse with a complementary range of outbuildings and about 2,5 acres of land (“a long time ago“). The property has been built about two hundred years ago within the North Yorkshire Moors National Park with most beautiful views in every direction.

We live within this unique, unspoilt area of North Yorkshire, covering almost 2,000 square miles – between high tech and tradition.



Five (car)minutes away from “Whitethorn”, in the peaceful, uninterrupted expanses of high moorland there is – no, not ghosts, but the Ballistic Missile Early Warning Station at RAF Fylingdales.

This station was constructed on Ministry of Defence land to give advance warning of a nuclear attack and is used also for space surveillance, tracking some 2’000 satellites a week.

And on the ground of this modern early warning system there are sheep who spend as much of the year as possible on the heather moorland.


Traditional sheep-breeding is the main occupation of the farmers in the North York Moors. The most common sheep is the Swaledale, one of the hardiest breeds. You can even find them in areas where many other breeds would not survive.

Some people may think, that we live in “Whitethorn” to find out, if we can survive, but that would be wrong. We fall in love with this kind of nature, with this area. And if you cannot understand why, you have to visit us (but we cannot promise if YOU will survive)!