If you want to know more precisely where we live in the “pampas” – you have to consult the map.

There is nothing to see, no disco, no pub, no amusement, no fashion show …just nature, space, birds, hedges, fields, clouds and dogs …but that is exactly what we are looking for.

Whitethorn is a gorgeous place… but the surrounding area is irresistible too and was a substantial argument to live here.

Here you can find some trips to the environments – or jus some photographic impressions. Have fun!

The Coast & the Moors

It is a region of such great contrasts: the Coast; the Moors; the Dales; the steep-sided valleys; the ever-changing colours of the moorland; und the unpredictable moods of the sea. Things to do, places to visit, to be as busy or as quiet as you like.

Do you like to come on a day trip?

York – York Minster

We go for a stroll to York, the most beautiful town in the north of England (here Monkgate).

We visit the famous York Minster (just outside) which is said to be the largest Gothic Cathedral of England.

Sutton Bank

For a short drive we take the motorway to Thirsk (the latter being famous for its associations with the English country vet James Herriott!) and then we rise steeply up to Sutton Bank.

On the photograph you cannot see, how steep the road is, but campers are forbidden and on every second day you can hear in the radio that the road is closed for several hours because a lorry has broken down!


White Horse of Kilburn

Of course we also have to visit the  „White Horse of Kilburn“, a huge figure that resembles a horse cut into the hillside of  Sutton Bank and overlooking the village of Kilburn.


Rievaulx Abbey

Not far we pass Rievaulx Abbey, a ruined monastery…


…And then we have a short break at Helmsley, a picturesque “sleepy” market town – except on a weekend: because the market place is the meeting point of big motorbikes from everywhere! Average age about 50 years (I mean the drivers!).


Moors, Hutton-le-Hole, Rosedale

The road through the North York Moors leads us to the very attractive village of Hutton-le-Hole. We drive over the moors to the East and it seems that the horizon never ends until the coast. Far away we see the town of Whitby, a fishing port on the North Eastern Yorkshire coast.


On the top of the cliffs overlooking the port is Whitby Abbey, a windswept ruin, famous for its associations with Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”!

Robin Hood’s Bay is a coastal bay between Whitby and Scarborough.

A picturesque fishing village and a very nice bay (though any association with the popular folk hero of Robin Hood remains in mistery – not only for me!)


Our sight-seeing ends at Scarborough, one of Yorkshire’s most popular coastal resorts… and in my opinion only bearable if you visit it out of season!

But before I get a complaint from the tourist office, here another photo.